YesJulz Came For Karen Civil & Scottie Beam, Gets Gathered By Stringy Ponytail

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It’s the year 2019 and, unfortunately, YesJulz is still a thing. The so-called influencer and brand took shots at Karen Civil and Scottie Beam and that got the Internets to gathering up the culture vulture by her stringy ponytail.

YesJulz Goddard was a guest on the Easily Offended podcast with Murda Mook, ItsBizKit, and Movie Matt. In a widely-shared snippet of the podcast episode, YesJulz tries to explain the reasoning behind her asking to wear a shirt that featured the “N-Word” on the front and then demanded her respect for bringing Rolling Loud to prominence among her other claims to fame.

In that snippet, YesJulz was asked about who has been attacking her credibility and hse immediately went to the aforementioned Karen Civil and Scottie Beam, both who came ready with their own manner of smoke. YesJulz didn’t back down from the heat but it isn’t looking too sweet for her out here in these Twitter streets.

Check out the reactions to YesJulz mentioning Karen Civil and Scottie Beam by name below.

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