Woman Tried Take Selfie With A Jaguar and Catches Claw Fade, Twitter Is Team Jaguar


The audacity. A woman was attacked by a jaguar in a zoo after she tried to take a picture with the animal.

The details of the attack, that she climbed into the animal’s enclosure, has Twitter very much on the side of the jaguar, while her intellect and sanity is questioned.


First, we must note that her injuries are non-life threatening. Now, the struggle.

At the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium and Safari Park in Lichtfield, AZ, the woman crossed over a barrier to take a selfie, and the jaguar took a swipe at her.

The big cat will not be euthanized seeing that he was minding his own business and doing what wild animals do. Twitter is pretty in line with this thinking, while slandering the injured photo taker.

What makes you possibly think taking a self with a wild animal is good idea?

Peep the reactions in the gallery.

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