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Lil Jon vs. T-Pain Instagram Live Battle Sets Record Viewership, Debut New Songs

Oakley and New Era Present X-Games XIV Kickoff Party - Inside

Source: Christopher Polk / Getty

Lil Jon vs T-Pain turned out to be one of the best Instagram Live beat battles yet. The multi-platinum Hip-Hop stars went song for song for about 20 tracks each and it turned out close, though we’ll give the edge to Lil Jon.

Once again Swizz Beatz and Timbaland served as the organizers and the matchup proved to be ideal. Earlier this week, it was initially supposed to be T-Pain vs. Scott Storch. But after further thought, Storch was eventually matched up with Mannie Fresh, and their battle ended up being momentous as well.

Last night (April 4), was Lil Jon and T-Pain’s turn, and they both delivered hits (Chris Brown’s “Kiss Kiss” vs. Ciara’s “Goodies”) on hits (DJ Khaled “I’m So Hood” vs. Lil Jon “Throw It Up”) on hits (T-Pain “Bartender” vs. Too Short “Blow The Whistle”). The friendly competition and jabs made for plenty of entertainment, but we felt like too often it seemed that T-Pain was stalling while figuring out what to play next. Lil Jon on the other hands seemed to know exactly what to play next. At one point, he copped to using the playlist Apple Music host Low Key created as a guide for himself. Hey, whatever it takes for the W.

However, a couple of suspect moments were Lil Jon playing MD and telling y’all not to get vaccinated for COVID-19 and T-Pain playing an R. Kelly song.

After the battle, Lil Jon debuted an unreleased record that featured Usher and Ludacris, written by Jermaine Dupri. He blew everyone’s mind when he noted he’d been sitting on it for two years. Come on Ursher [sic], stop playing. T-Pain also unveiled a song with Chris Brown called “Wake Up Dead.”

As for who won, as usual opinions are split. Peep some of the more poignant reactions below.

We still say Lil Jon got it, though (he didn’t even play “Bia Bia”).




Source: HipHopWired.com

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The Plug: Dimplez Ijeoma of IJEOMA Agency

Dimplez Ijeoma

Source: Ritchie King / press handout

Dimplez Ijeoma made herself indispensible before her current career title was even a thought. The digital consultant—formerly at Capitol Records, now leading her own marketing agency, IJEOMA—reveals that the biggest issue she has with new artists, is their unwillingness to simply be patient and put in the work. Years before she connected brands like Twitter and the NBA to rappers and singers, she took her time and learned the ropes on her own.

In the early 2000s, while going to school at the University of Arizona as an undergrad, Ijeoma had been doing some freelance graphic design work on various blog sites—crediting sites like KarenCivil.com to The Smoking Section for fully trusting in her capabilities. “The turning point in my career came with someone reaching back like a John Gotty of the Smoking Section, who let me do whatever I wanted to do. He was like, ‘You wanna build this site for me? Run it. Okay, what are we doing for South by [Southwest]? Run it.’ Having him open up that door was what allowed me to excel and I don’t see a lot of people doing that now.”

“The people that I hire and work with now, tend to be minorities, particularly Black women. Because when I started out and they were ignoring my resume and portfolio, it was because no one took the time to reach back.”

Ijeoma was self-taught in the arena of tech, quipping that she’d enrolled in “YouTube University, with a PhD in Google.” “I wound up getting in contact with Funkmaster Flex,” she shares. “ He hired me to move his servers. It’s not something I went to school for.” She admits that she had to teach herself how to move servers while actually moving the servers. It took 96 hours, but she got it done.

Dimplez Ijeoma

Source: Jordan Lawrence / press handout

“I went to school for physical therapy,” Ijeoma continues. “I was thinking about it before but I’m Nigerian and it’s one of those things where if I couldn’t explain the money to my family, it’s a no-go. Every Nigerian’s either a doctor, lawyer or accountant, even with me working to become a physical  therapist, it’s a little below but it’s still in the medical realm. But the money [Flex] gave me for moving his servers—which took me a week to do—it was enough money to pay for my entire semester, so I still finished school but it was like, ‘Oh! This is what I need to pursue.’”

In time, she had become the “tech girl” and that—in the way of an ever-changing industry—turned into something else. “I’m the girl who played cello for 13 years, studied music theory her entire school career as well, but this is a different type of love affair—this music business.”

Ijeoma went on to graduate from college in Phoenix with her master’s degree and instead of continuing to travel between New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, she decided to take her last $5,000 and move to LA. She had no job and no job prospects. She decided to take her car and her mom rode with her just to ensure that she knew where her daughter would be living, and she flew back home. Then, Ijeoma was alone, left to figure things out.

There is a lot of hazing in a sense,” she starts. “Like, ‘I had to do it the hard way so I’ma make sure, you have to do it the hard way.’ There are a lot of people who are in higher executive positions who feel fearful of new talent and it’s one of those things where as I transition from being a tech  person to a music executive, it was something I got to see and it’s one thing that I personally have tried to correct. So the people that I hire and work with now, tend to be minorities, particularly Black women. Because when I started out and I was trying to apply, trying to get a job wherever and they were ignoring my resume and portfolio, it was because no one took the time to reach back.

She may have felt the sting of rejection initially but it wasn’t long before Ijeoma’s name rang in the streets of LA. Three months later, she was working as a part of Ne-Yo’s management team as his digital consultant. That stint led to a job in digital under all of Urban for Capital. Then in July of 2018, she left that position to start her own, IJEOMA Agency, specializing in digital marketing, marketing and brand synergy. 

“I went from being the person who built websites, to being the person who understood social [media], to being the person who understood audience growth, to being the person who should inform marketing decisions on strategies when marketing projects for release. And that became me informing the product being delivered. Now, I’m marketing and managing full-scale with the rollout because I have that expertise on the digital side. It’s been a very interesting transition — one that everyone saw coming. But me,” she says with a laugh.

One of the music industry’s favorite talking points as time goes on, speaks to new artists’ desire for instant gratification and their grandiose levels of entitlement. Over the course of a decade, Dimplez Ijeoma has forged her own way within this community, with the help of a mere few. So the idea of anything happening overnight is a major pet peeve for the digital strategist and executive. “Megan Thee Stallion’s record is Top 100, so general Americans [sic] still don’t know who she is. She’s been rapping for 3 years, perfected her craft to get on the radar. And I think that people forget that it takes work and it takes time.”

“It has something to do with the internet? Call Dimplez.”

Ijeoma also cites Odd Future as an example of what to do from the outside. “They built their site and released their music consistently. They built an audience and engaged them consistently. They gave them ways to support them with their dollars: whether it was through Bandcamp or the shirts they sold at the time. They just kept it going until they were so big that the media had to almost chase the Odd Future story, like, ‘How could we miss them?’”

In this industry though, everyone has to practice flexibility — we all ought to be open to making the necessary adjustments if need be. Or prepare to be overlooked. “Even if your knowledge is rudimentary but you have insight in something else and there are people around that you trust,” Ijeoma offers. “You can share that insight and leverage it into something else. I started off as the social person but then turned into me being the digital consultant. So it was like, “Oh. It has something to do with the internet? Call Dimplez.”

Source: HipHopWired.com

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Larsa Pippen Takes To The ‘Gram To Deny Ben Simmons Is Blowing Her Back Out

Wheels O Launch with DJ Chantel Jeffries

Source: FayesVision/WENN.com / WENN

Ever since rumors about her divorce with NBA great Scottie Pippen hit the news cycle, Larsa Pippen‘s personal life has become the topic of discussion thanks to her links to Future and more recently Ben Simmons. But according to her, she was never involved with the Philadelphia 76er Rookie of The Year.

TMZ is reporting that the 45-year-old would be cougar is refuting rumors that she left the club with Kendall Jenner’s former flame and denied even meeting him at all. Taking to her IG story, Pippen posted a picture of the report which claimed she was hooking up with a caption that read “I never even saw him, let alone left with him,” Larsa said in a heated IG story. “He dated my bff’s sister and I would never.”

We guess she didn’t want Kim Kardashian to feel a ways and have her Kardashian-balled from, well, whatever Kardashians do in Hollywood.

TMZ also suggests that Larsa might’ve been taking an indirect shot at Jordyn Woods who allegedly hooked up with Khloe Kardashian’s ex-hubby, Tristan Thompson while they were still married.

At this rate in a few years no woman who considers herself a friend of the Kardashian clan will be able to date any NBA star. We kid, we kid…

Source: HipHopWired.com

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Yes, It’s 2019: Young Buck Threatens To Ja Rule 50 Cent

Birthday Bash ATL The Heavyweights of HIP HOP Live in Concert

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

50 Cent has taken his trolling to elite levels, ask Teairra Mari. On this Wednesday, April 24, Young Buck has threatened to “Ja Rule” the Queens rapper after he caught wind of a social media post that mocked his new forthcoming album.

Buck is dropping a new project, and Fif decided to bring attention to the release by also mentioning that Buck allegedly had relations with a trans person.

Young buck is almost ready to drop his album. He worked hard on this project, I told him his personal choice to date a tran sexual will confuse some of his core audience but with the support of the LGBT he should be fine. 🔥New heat coming soon,” wrote Fif on Instagram.

You may recall that 50 Cent previously brought up the claim about Buck’s relations in an audio post that he since deleted. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

While the promo certainly can’t hurt, Buck retorted by using Ja Rule’s name as a verb—while also admitting he was still under contract with Fif.

“I thought you was 50 Cent, I thought you had some real n***a tendencies…” said Buck on Instagram Live. “If you such a real n*gga, why don’t you let me go? You understand what I’m saying? And we’ll fight the battle like that… Line me up like Ja Rule. Go bar-for-bar with me, n***a. Play that game, you scared?”

After saying he had no time for Fif’s “gay games” and noting the G-Unit rapper/actor was allegedly hindering his career thanks to cease and desists, he eventually added, “We gon see who Ja Rule who bitch.”

Looks like they both had time because…petty rappers are going to petty.


Source: HipHopWired.com

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Woman Tried Take Selfie With A Jaguar and Catches Claw Fade, Twitter Is Team Jaguar


The audacity. A woman was attacked by a jaguar in a zoo after she tried to take a picture with the animal.

The details of the attack, that she climbed into the animal’s enclosure, has Twitter very much on the side of the jaguar, while her intellect and sanity is questioned.


First, we must note that her injuries are non-life threatening. Now, the struggle.

At the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium and Safari Park in Lichtfield, AZ, the woman crossed over a barrier to take a selfie, and the jaguar took a swipe at her.

The big cat will not be euthanized seeing that he was minding his own business and doing what wild animals do. Twitter is pretty in line with this thinking, while slandering the injured photo taker.

What makes you possibly think taking a self with a wild animal is good idea?

Peep the reactions in the gallery.

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‘Black Panther’ Snubbed At The Golden Globes, Twitter Loses Its Vibranium

76th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Source: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Getty

Wakanda Forever? The cast of the groundbreaking Marvel film Black Panther was on hand at the 76th annual Golden Globes Sunday night to do the signature salute, but they left the building without a single award.

As you can imagine Twitter was furious they wasted their time only to be disappointed.

The Ryan Coogler directed film was nominated for Best Original Score and the biggest category of the night Best Motion Picture (Drama). Unfortunately, the movie which leaped over Titanic to become the third top-grossing film of all time in North America lost to First Man and Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody.

Twitter users expressed their disappointment but wasn’t surprised at the Hollywood Film Association’s nomination of the film but not blessing it with awards. Some accuse the HFA of just using these diverse films like Black Panther, BlacKkKlansmen and Crazy Rich Asians which were also snubbed to lure in viewers.

Despite those three films not taking home any awards, there were some bright spots. Despite Green Book currently facing questions on the validity of its story, Mahershala Ali won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor (Comedy or Musical) for his portrayal of Dr. Don Shirley. Regina King won Best Supporting Actress (Drama) for her riveting performance in If Beale Street Could Talk and had one of the night’s best moments due to her fantastic acceptance speech.

All hope is not lost for Black Panther, there still is the Oscars, but we’re not holding our breath, but we will keep hope alive. You can see the reaction to Black Panther’s snubbing in the gallery below.

Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Getty

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Former Lehigh University Student Charged With Poisoning Black Roommate [Video]

Yukai Yang mugshot

Source: Northampton County Department of Corrections / Northampton County Department of Corrections

Learning while Black is apparently dangerous too. A Chinese undergraduate developed a murder plot to get ride of his roommate via poisoning.

As spotted on The Grio Yukai Yang attempted to slowly kill his roomie Juwan Royal. Easton, Pennsylvania authorities say the 22-year-old chemist major at Lehigh University spiked his friend’s food and beverages with thallium over a period of several months which according to the reports started in the Spring.

Thallium is odorless, tasteless and colorless is one of the most complex and deadliest toxins known to man. It is often used in rat poisoning. The chemical caused Royal to experience dizziness, shaking, vomiting and skin irritation. His first sign of symptoms occurred on March 18 when Juwan called campus police citing he felt dizzy before passing out. On March 29 he contacted them again telling the staff [he] “had been throwing up for over 45 minutes and felt very shaky.” Additionally his property was also defaced where his computer was destroyed and ‘N*****, get out of here’ was written in black marker.

Yang was the only one to have access to the room so authorities asked him to submit a written statement. His handwriting  matched the racist message. Police then searched his cell phone which led them to make Royal take a blood test where he tested positive. After arresting Yukai admitted to purchasing various chemicals on the internet, including Thallium and stated they were purchased with the intent to harm himself if he did poorly on future exams.” But the District Attorney isn’t buying it, Yang has been charged with attempted homicide and ethnic intimidation.

Juwan Royal is still experiencing symptoms from the thallium but is expected to recover. More details in the news report video below.


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Benzino Says He’s Being Targeted In Drug Case Because He’s Black

'Hollywood Hearts' Atlanta Premiere

Source: Marcus Ingram / Getty

Benzino is facing 15 years in the bing after he got popped with mollys and weed. But even his haters admit the potential sentence seems excessive for the relatively small amount of drugs he was caught with. 

The former Love & Hip Hop star went to TMZ to say he thinks he’s being targeted due to his race.

Benzino wanted to address the story we broke … that cops busted him in Cobb County, GA — in January 2017 — and hit him with a slew of charges: felony possession of THC oil gummies, felony possession of 6 MDMA pills and misdemeanor possession of less than an ounce of weed.

He’s facing up to 15 years in prison, but Benzino calls the charges trumped up from “one of the most racists counties, not just in Georgia, but in America.” He still believes cops had no right to raid his penthouse, even though a judge ruled cops legally obtained a search warrant.

For now, Zino is awaiting his day in court.

Check out his spiel below. Does he have a valid point? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Photo: Getty

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Boston Gangster, FBI Informant Whitey Bulger Catches The Fatal Fade In Jail

James 'Whitey' Bulger Mugshot

Source: Donaldson Collection / Getty

The snitch tag will always make you a target in the bing, no matter who you are. Yesterday (Oct. 30), infamous mob boss Whitey Bulger was found beaten to death in jail, and speculation is he was the victim of a mob hit. 

Bulger was 89, but his old age was not enough to get a pass on catching a fatal fade.

Reports the New York Times:

James (Whitey) Bulger, the South Boston mobster and F.B.I. informer who was captured after 16 years on the run and finally brought to justice in 2013 for a murderous reign of terror that inspired books, films and a saga of Irish-American brotherhood and brutality, was found beaten to death on Tuesday in a West Virginia prison. He was 89.

Two Federal Bureau of Prisons employees, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the information was not yet public, said Mr. Bulger was beaten unrecognizable by inmates shortly after he had arrived at the prison, the Hazelton federal penitentiary in Bruceton Mills, W.Va. He had been moved from prison to prison in recent years and was incarcerated in Florida before being transferred to Hazelton, which has been rife with violence.

Bulger was reportedly found unresponsive early Tuesday morning and was declared dead by the Preston County Medical Examiner. Bulger, who had been caught after 16 years on the run in 2011, was serving two life sentences for 11 murders.

Photo: Getty


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Teens Bless White Student Who Wore Confederate Flag Shirt to Class With A Proper Fade

Teen Wears Confederate Flag to School

Source: Facebook / facebook

There will always be consequences and repercussions to your actions. A white teenaged boy learned this when he got blessed with a proper fade after rocking a Confederate flag shirt to school.

It went down at Kenwood High School in Baltimore County, Maryland, and it was caught on tape. According to WBFF-Baltimore, the school only confirms “a fight of some sort” over what is being called a “controversial item.”

The video, and photos like the one shared on Facebook, reveal said item was an homage to the flag the traitors who took an L in the Civil War rode under.

As for the incident, it went down in a 9th-grade classroom. In cell phone footage, a group of students are seen confronting their peer wearing what amounts to a big ass Confederate flag in t-shirt form.

Why said troll student would think 9th graders wouldn’t react like 9th graders is perplexing. But clearly he now understands because the footage shows him getting mollywhopped.

Now we’re not going to say it was right that the young MAGA child caught the hands. But we understand.

Watch the beatdown below.

[H/T Raw Story]

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