Will Smith Remembers a Time he Was ‘Failing Miserably’ in his Marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith

Will Smith is opening up about a dark time during his marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith.

In a clip from Jada’s daytime television show, Red Table Talk, Will examines how he believed he was “failing miserably” at a certain point. The actress is joined by her daughter, Willow Smith and mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones on set. Will told the three ladies, “There was a period of time when mommy woke up and cried for 45 days straight.” He added, “That was the worst I’ve felt in our marriage. I was failing miserably.”

Will and Jada have been married for 20 years and through the span of their marriage have talked about how they’ve seen other unions break apart and what they do to stay strong. Before his twentieth anniversary with Jada, he told E! News, “Two decades. When you’re married with somebody that long and we were talking about it, we was like, ‘You know, it’s 20 years, what are we gonna do?’ She was like, ‘We’re gonna high-five and keep it moving.’”

In August, Jada posted a picture on Instagram of herself, Will, Willow and Trey Smith laughing and smiling. “I’ve been watching a lot marriages dissolve around me. It’s been really painful. Marriages change,” she wrote. “Sometimes they need to be reimagined and transformed. Sometimes they are simply over …”

All through their 20 year marriage, Will and Jada have continued to rock red carpets together and admire each other on social media. “I’ve done some screwy things with my kids, but they’ve survived,” Jada said on one episode. “Some things have worked, and some things haven’t. But in the long run. the one thing that I do know to be true is that when we can talk to our kids openly and honestly—and with love—you rarely go wrong.” She also explained how she and Will were in “constant conflict” after Jaden Smith got cast in The Karate Kid.

Generally speaking, the Smith family continues to serve family goals and we get to see more of them when Red Table Talk returns to Facebook Watch on Oct. 22.

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