Wale to American Airlines on Twitter: ‘Y’all racist’

Wale just released a new project in Free Lunch, and while he should be enjoying the victory of his third great EP this year, instead he has to deal with American Airlines and racial discrimination.

Folarin hit Instagram and put the spotlight on AA stating that he is continuously experiencing issues with flights, being stuck on a runway for the fifth time in two weeks. Beyond that, Wale stated he was told: “ur not supposed to be in first class I’m calling the police.”

Wale would even let American Airlines and fans who observed via the timeline the names of the two employees, Megumi and Don, who mentioned the first class placement.

“Y’all racist and I wanna know what happens now,” Wale typed.

Check out the tweet from Wale below. After five flight issues in ten days, it may be time to move on from American Airlines and hit up Southwest or Delta.

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