Viola Davis Taps Female Pastor for Social Experiment on Bravo Called, ‘In A Man’s World’

When John Howard, a white journalist, traveled undercover as a Black man in the 1960s in throughout Louisianna, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Georgia, he engaged in one of the most dramatic social experiments on American culture and documented it in his book, Black Like Me. In six weeks, he gave evidence that racial discrimination is 100X more than mainstream America could ever imagine.

Oh if only they could do this experiment using gender discrimination as a variable….

But they have… and Bravo TV affords folk an upfront seat to this experiment in a new show called In A Man’s World, executive-ly produced by Viola Davis.

The show, like Howard’s experience, follows and documents four women who look to see what is like to see life on “the opposite side.” The Academy Award-winning Special Effects make-up team, Lou and Dave Elsey, and skilled voice and movement coaches, help these woman develops alter egos as men. They live as men for two days and for once get to see if male privilege is real of not.  One of these women is Pastor Sabrina McKenzie.

Sabrina McKenzie is a celebrated pastor, business woman, and television personality. Affectionately known as “The Dancing Preacher,” McKenzie is the founder and the Executive Producer of Dancing Preachers International and the Founder of the Liturgical Dance Day.  She is the author of two books Dance With A Purpose and Leading In A Man’s World.
Here are her thoughts about her role in the series that is sure to stir up the airways.

Why were you selected for the show? 

I believe that I was selected for the show because of the tremendous body of work that I have produced consistently through out the years in community service, building ministries around the world and the level of education and skill set needed to carry out the assignment.

Tell me about the show, In A Man’s World?

Four dynamic, strong and kick butt women were selected to shatter the glass ceiling of every boundary created by man.  These women who are at the top of their careers in male dominated industries.
We temporarily morph into men to see how the other gender lives.
What challenges have you encountered as a female preacher and the context of your ministry?
As a female preacher you have to earn your respect and as a male preacher respect and admiration are given. Just like all genders as a female preacher I have been objectified by the role of house maker and asked to just be a first lady
What are the goals of the show?
As a woman’s activist my goal is always to influence public policy and to bring awareness to legislation that I have authored and championed entitled the “Equal Rights Amendment” in the Georgia House of Representatives in 2018 which provides women with equal work for equal pay.
To also bring awareness to domestic violence. In addition, each organization and cause strives to encourage, empower, and inspire women worldwide.

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