Vic Mensa’s Controversial XXXTentacion Disses Air On BET Hip-Hop Awards ’18 Cypher

Roc Nation’s Vic Mensa really went in-in during his BET Hip-Hop Awards 2018 cypher. Following mounted anticipation, the hip-hop artist’s controversial XXXTentacion-aimed freestyle is now viral.

In tonight’s televised cypher, Mensa goes all the way in on the late Florida rapper.

The cypher, also featuring Taylor Bennet, G Herbo and Nick Grant finally aired tonight. He doesn’t mention XXX’s name (or rather his name is edited out) but the shots are clearly there. “Your favorite rapper is a domestic abuser / Name a single Vic Mensa song, XXX we all know you won’t live that long / I don’t respect n*ggas posthumously, homicide ain’t new to me / catch up with Akademiks at your eulogy,” he raps. (Hip Hop-N-More)

Earlier this month, Mensa hit up his IG page to explain the aftermath of his pre-recorded cypher making headlines for dissing XXX.

“Recently I did a freestyle for the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher addressing and condemning rappers who unabashedly abuse women and those who stand up for them and even call them legends. I stand behind that statement. It was pre-recorded weeks ago and I had no idea a grieving mother would be in the audience to honor her loss son. I never intended to disrespect her and I often my deepest condolences for her loss at the hands of gun violence. However, I vehemently reject the trend in hip-hop of championing abusers and I will not hold my tongue about it. I don’t give a f*ck about getting attention. I care about bringing awareness and holding people accountable for their actions.”

The same week, Vic sparked headlines after rumors developed about him taking shots at XXX during the BET Hip Hop Awards taping.

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Earlier this year, music executive Steve Stoute shared his personal issues with streaming giants like Spotify previously not playing fair in banning artists like XXXTentacion over domestic violence and personal issues.

“When I seen XXXTentacion and R. Kelly get pulled off of playlists on Spotify, I thought, at that moment in time, ‘Where does this go?’ Are you doing this because, are they convenient or is this policy? That’s the problem. Don’t do anything. Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right? … It’s actually unfortunate that Spotify is now the guy standing in front of all this, when other streaming services have followed suit. Don’t we always separate the art from the artist? Haven’t we always done that? So, if you’re going to make it a policy, then I have to start going through the list and now it’s not convenient, because now we gotta be like, ‘How about this, we’re f*cking not playing Michael Jackson.’ I mean, we’re just not.” (Hot 97)

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