Twitter Thinks Ella Mai’s Label Is “Trippin” For Getting Jacquees Remix of “Trip” Pulled

Jacquees Forced To Remove "Trip" Remix

Source: Z1079 Summer Jam 2017/ @stretch_34

Ella Mai is having a damn good year, her smash single “Boo’d” did superior numbers setting things up perfectly for her debut album and upcoming tour. BUT, now there is a bit of drama revolving a remixed version of her song “Trip” by Cash Money’s R&B version of Lil’Wayne *coughs* Jacquees that has Twitter buzzing.

The crooner added his own spin to the remorseful track, and it really caught on with fans and was gaining attention. That wasn’t flying with Ella Mai’s label, allegedly, and they forced him to take down his version of the record from all formats and understandably so. The song is Mai’s lead single, and they want to make sure their artist is getting the traction she deserves for her record.

Twitter wasn’t feeling the unfortunate move and let their frustration be known through their smartphones. The fallout over the cover even had T-Pain chiming in on the situation. There are some who are defending Ella Mai and her label’s actions pointing out that the singer took his “Que mix” a bit too far when he made a video to go along with the song and allegedly tried to make some money, he, of course, denies that.

Whatever the case this really shouldn’t be that hard of a situation to fix, can’t the two singers get it together and make an official remix? The fans clearly want it, until that happens you can get a few laughs at the reactions to this R&B kerfuffle below.

Photo: Z1079 Summer Jam 2017/ @stretch_34

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