Twitter Reacts To The Capture Of Domestic Terrorist Cesar Sayoc #MAGABomber

Cesar Sayoc Mugshot #MAGABomber

Source: Broward County Sheriff’s Department / Broward County Sheriff’s Department

The nation was on edge this week after a rash of mail bomb attempts seemed aimed at some of President Donald Trump’s harshest critics. A suspect, Cesar Sayoc, was arrested in Florida and the so-called “MAGABomber” appears to have been motivated to carry out the acts by hateful rhetoric drummed up by Trump and his supporters.

Sayoc, 56, is a registered Republican who lives in South Florida. He was arrested Friday (Oct. 26) morning in Plantation, Fla., following a massive manhunt launched nationwide to locate where the suspicious packages were originating from. Among those targeted, President Barack Obama, President Bill Clinton, George Soros, and even actor Robert De Niro were in the crosshairs of Sayoc’s nefarious scheme.

The social media hashtag #MAGABomber cropped up this week in response to the mail bomb attempts, and a rallying cry from critics of the Trump administration squarely put the blame on the president for not shouting down the aggression and racial divisiveness that has marked and even marred Trump’s reign in the White House. A photo of Sayoc’s van has surfaced, which was covered in Trump and anti-CNN propaganda, fueling the chatter that Sayoc was inspired by the president’s stances.

The reaction on Twitter to Sayoc’s arrest has been robust so far and we’ve collected the best responses so far below.

Photo: Broward County Sheriff’s Department

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