Tony Hawk Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Tony Hawk on Sneaker Shopping

Source: Complex / Complex

Tony Hawk’s one of the most iconic skateboarders of all-time and even though he’s 50-years-old he’s still a sneaker enthusiast who doesn’t mind picking up a few pairs of kicks just cause.

This time around the triple OG of the 900-Degree Aerial went sneaker hunting with Complex’s Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in NYC where he spoke about getting free Jordan 1’s back in the 80’s (we hatin’), why Vans and skateboarding go together like ham and cheese, and the importance of Supreme to the skating culture.

“I just love that it validates skating, you know, across the board. And it’s core. It’s not like someone’s trying to package skating into some other thing and sell it to a bigger audience. They’re rooted in skating, they support skaters and so I fully back it.” We’re willing to bet more than half them fools that are Supreme down on the block ain’t never skate a day in their life either.

Check out Tony Hawk talk skating and kicks below and peep him drop $2,556 on some Jordans, Pigeon Dunks, and Vans like it ain’t no thing.

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