Tone Deaf Couture?: Nicki Minaj & Gucci Mane Join Diesel’s Anti Cyber-Bullying Campaign, Twitter Rolls Eyes Collectively

Nicki Minaj Face of Diesel Anti Cyber-Bullying Campaign Twitter Reacts

Source: Jacopo Raule / Getty

Diesel wants to use fashion to tackle a growing issue of cyber-bullying and got the help of some big names to aid in that fight. It’s the selection of one person in particular that has some folks on Twitter scratching their heads.

Wednesday (Sept.19), Diesel unveiled its new “Hate Couture” a play on Haute Couture and to help lead the charge in the battle against cyber-bullying recruited Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Bella Thorne, Tommy Dorfman, Yoo Ah-in and Jonathan Bellini to be the faces of the new collection. Each of them sporting particular items from the new customized Diesel collection in a new commercial emblazoned with the mean comments directed towards them from social media with Nicki’s piece pointing out being labeled the “bad guy” as the meanest slander directed towards her.

Very interesting to say the least. The issue arising stems with one Nicki Minaj who as of late could be considered a bit of bully herself directing her army of trolls and fans *coughs* Barbz to attack those who dissent against the Queen. Oh and let us not forget who also gets on her new Apple Music radio show to also “call out” people she isn’t feeling at the moment only riling up her fan base.

Twitter called out the fashion brand on the move and gathered the receipts displaying the Queens rapper’s bully ways. Gucci Mane who to his credit is a changed person and has seen the error of his old ways also caught some bullets in the crossfire as well.

This definitely sounds like a case of Diesel picking the right message but choosing the wrong messengers. Are folks right to call out the brand for picking Nicki Minaj? Or are they overreacting?  Hit the gallery to see the slander sent the “bad guys” way in the gallery below?

Photo:  Jacopo Raule / Getty

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