This Vulgar Message From Daz Dillinger Isn’t Going To Sit Right With Kanye West’s Spirit

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Kanye West was so worried about Nick Cannon disrespecting Kim Kardashian, but Daz Dillinger is an entirely different beast. Just our two cents, but we don’t think an Instagram response is going to cut it this time ‘Ye.

Dillinger hit IG with a blunt in his mouth and a message that was plain as day: “Kanye West, fu** you and yo’ b**ch.” Clearly, the rapper had some things that he felt he needed to get off his chest, as he urged Nick Cannon to “beat that ni**a’s a**” before thanking Lil Duval for the “funny as fu**” Kanye challenge.

But that wasn’t all. He said into the camera, “Kanye, he’s a bi**h a** ni**a and your wife sucked the whole fu**ing industry. You just got caught up in the mix and your feelings.” He also addressed Kris Jenner, adding “I know the momma probably got some good a** head ’cause the other sisters sucking all ni**as di**. I gotta get my hair done so she can suck my di**.”

Watch the clip below. In case you aren’t aware, Dillinger really can’t stand West or his support of Donald Trump. Dillinger has claimed that ‘Ye went as far as to file a restraining order against him.

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