The Luniz & Krayzie Bone Remake I Got 5 On It As A Horror Theme Song (Video)

When the trailer for Jordan Peele’s upcoming Horror film Us dropped at the tail end of 2018, it nodded to a mid-’90s Rap classic. Many Hip-Hop Heads had the same nostalgic reaction as the dad in the first-look footage when an eerily remixed take of the Luniz classic single “I Got 5 On It” played. The film character starts singing along and then has to downplay the content of the song to his young son. The movie follows a family of four that is seemingly haunted by their doppelgangers. In celebration of the revived attention to their Tone Capone-produced 1995 hit, the Luniz doing a reboot of their biggest hit titled “I Got 5 On Us.” The title nods to the film, as does the subject matter of this second. No longer about kicking in money to smoke, this rendition is about horror and suspense. For this 2019 version, Yukmouth and Numbskull invite Krayzie Bone to kick a dark verse. And while the catchy chorus on the original cut was sung by Time Social Club’s Mike Marshall (aka Mike Meezy), singer-songwriter Damon Elliott is recruited to croon the new hook. The Luniz’ Biggest Hit Is A Backdrop For The Most Anticipated Horror Film Of 2019 This new spin on the track focuses the lyrics on the plot of the film, as well as Horror flicks in general. Krayzie sparks it with a definitive demonstration of the trademark Bone Thugs-N-Harmony double-time flow. Then, “The Regime General” spits a 16-bar verse that references and name-checks a bunch of genre favorites like Night of the Living Dead, Boogeyman, The Walking Dead, People Under The Stairs, and Nightmare On Elm Street. Nonetheless, the most memorable bars are the humorous lines Numb starts with, “I ain’t about to die, bruh, I’ma air it out / Dropping whatever get near us / I hear a ‘shh shh’ or a ‘aah aah’ / I’m letting off like ‘blat yat’ / I ain’t finna be playing, that’s the evil, I don’t do ghosts / If I dream about ‘em, I be waking up, screaming, ‘Nah, that was too close.’” This half of the group initially known as the Luni Tunz is fully willing to admit he isn’t trying to stick around when it starts to get spooky. Do Remember Paperboy’s Ditty That More Than Delivered The Goods (Video) Us hits theaters on Friday, March 22. Last year, the Luniz released No Pressure. The duo’s first album in 16 years involved Mistah F.A.B. #BonusBeats: Fans of the Luniz may wish to read The Ringer‘s “Untold Story” of Mike Marshall by Anna Lucente Sterling. Earlier this year, Yukmouth broke down the history of making “I Got 5 On It” with Vlad TV:


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