The Game Denies Exploiting Nipsey Hussle’s Legacy

The Game is facing backlash over claims that he’s exploiting Nipsey Hussle.

Earlier this week, the Compton rapper announced the name of his newly-launched label Prolific Records, which was inspired by the late rapper. Along with the label, he also dropped a Prolific merch collection, which sold out upon its initial release.

However, some on social media have accused Game of trying to capitalize off Nipsey’s legacy. “No one was really using the word ‘Prolific’ as much until Nipsey passed. Then here comes The Game wanting to brand it,” tweeted one upset fan, while another added, “Watching The Game try and eat off Nipsey’s legacy is sick to watch smh.”

The Game has responded to the criticism, claiming that he chose the “Prolific” name as an homage to his late friend. “The use of the word ‘Prolific’ by myself is only my way of helping to carry on my bro’s legacy,” he wrote on Instagram Stories. “Any merch that has been sold has my face on it, my albums is all pictures, logos etc are related to THE GAME. Out of the love for Nip, Blacc Sam, his immediate family etc I purposely did not include any pics of Nip nor his likeness & directed all traffic to @themarathonclothing as I’ve done since bro’s passing.”

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The Game said he’s received blessings from Nipsey’s brother, Blacc Sam. “I’ve spoken closely to ‘Blacc Sam’ every step of the way & have had his blessing with things I’ve done to help honor bro’s name & continue his legacy,” he added. “I’ve only done things I feel bro would’ve done to keep me going if I was no longer here in the physical. Before assuming, passing judgment or running to the internet to be negative, DM me or hit me & I will be happy to respond or elaborate further to as many people as I can.”

He also claims that Faith Evans owns the Prolific trademark. “And again, ‘Prolific’ & or the use of it for any monetary gain has to be cleared or consented by @therealfaithevans as she’ s owned #PROLIFICMUSICGROUP for over 15 years ! ! ! ! My heart is pure & so are my intentions.”

Following Nipsey’s passing in March, Game penned daily tributes to him on social media and also got a portrait of the slain MC tatted on his back. He is now gearing up to release his final album Born 2 Rap in November.


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