The 3,000 Year History Of The Hoodie Explained In 3 Minutes [Video]


Source: BAPE / BAPE

From the always clutch grey Champion to the BAPE shark, the hooded sweatshirt has remained a staple fashion piece in Hip-Hop. Its origins have been traced back in a very cool video.

As a spotted on High Snobiety, during a recent TED’s “Small Thing Big Idea” series the history of the beloved hoodie was detailed. Paola Antonelli, Curator at the Museum of Modern Art, provided a three-minute visual that shows how it was originally first spotted in ancient Greece with religious monks but has gone on to live throughout different time periods for various purposes and significances.

Antonelli pinpoints how women would wear the item to rendezvous with their secret lovers in private during the 17th century. Additionally, she explains how it also has been tied to dark side of mythology including executioners and the grim reaper. Her narrative continues into modern times including its resurgence in Hip-Hop and skateboarding culture during the 1980’s. She closes the timeline with how it came to be a symbol of human rights with the untimely slaying of Trayvon Martin.

The video also touches on the psychological aspects of putting the hood on where it gives the wearer feelings of protection, confidence, privacy, isolation and more. You can watch the TED video in its entirety below.

Photo: BAPE x Champion

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