Ted Cruz & Wife Got Chased Out of DC Restaurant By Brett Kavanaugh Protestors

Source: Republican National Convention at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Featuring: Ted Cruz Where: Cleveland, Ohio, United States When: 20 Jul 2016 Credit: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.com

The Supreme Court nomination of alleged sexual offender Brett Kavanaugh by alleged sexual predator-in-chief Donald Trump has got the resistance riled up in a way that hasn’t been seen since this administration was ripping families apart at the border and building concentration “summer camps” for kids (that practice is still in effect by the way).

And just like before, everyday citizens have taken it upon themselves to call out Republican senators in public for their lack of empathy and overall immorality.

On Monday night (Sep. 24) former Trump punching bag turned Trump lackey Ted Cruz became the latest GOP representative to learn first hand that the resistance have no qualms about making their social life every bit as difficult as they’re making ours with their sexist and racially driven policies.

In a video shared by Smash Racism DC, Ted Cruz and his wife found themselves being chased out of the Fiola restaurant in Washington DC by activists who were chanting “We believe survivors!”

He gonna cry in the car.

Cruz obviously wasn’t expecting to feel the brunt of the pushback from American citizens who aren’t a fan of his decades old buddy, Brett Kavanaugh. With protestors up in his grill like they paying his bills (they kinda are), Cruz was bombarded with the chants along with yells of “Vote no on Kavanaugh,” and “Are you going to confirm your best friend Brett Kavanaugh?”

While we’re sure this will lead to more calls for “civility” from the Republican party we do wonder why that same calls for civility aren’t made when death threats are made to anyone who publically opposes Trump or his cronies. Kinda like the death threats that forced Christine Blasey Ford from her home after she came forward with her attempted rape accusation against Brett Kavanaugh.

Photo: WENN.com

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