T.I. Announces Trap Museum in Celebration of His ‘Trap Muzik’ Album

Over the weekend, T.I. announced that he will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of his Trap Muzik album curating a trap museum highlighting some of the contributors who brought the term to life. It will have classical musical scriptures, paintings, sculptures, images from Romans and many more. There will be throwback footage of well-known trappers and artists like 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo and many more.  The King himself has been known as the dopeboy of Atlanta with his tunes. T.I. put the caption of this amazing idea that reads:

“This for US!!! All US!!!” he started. “All contributors to the culture of Trap Muzik!!! No matter who you are or how you’ve contributed…Consider this just as much yours as it is anybody. This is your HOME just like its mines…Regardless of our personal differences or discrepancies. It is what it is… Trap Muzik wouldn’t be SHIT without ALL OF US!!! So it’s all of our 15th anniversaries!!! I made it an album… but WE MADE IT A GENRE!!!! This is a celebration of ALL OF OUR CONTRIBUTIONS to the CULTURE WE CALL TRAP MUZIK!!!! Coming Soon…For more information follow @trapmusicmuseum.”

More information about the museum is soon to come, but keep checking the website.

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