Styles P & Dave East Say Drake Played Himself In Pusha-T Beef: “How Does A Guy Say What’s The Rules In A Rap Battle Who Had A Ghostwriter Before?

Styles P Dave East

The LOX‘s Styles P and Dave East have plenty to say about the recent Drake and Pusha-T rap battle. The hip-hop duo weighed-in on the 6 God trying to bend the rules in the war against King Push.

In Styles P’s opinion, Drake didn’t realize the door he opened by initially dragging Pusha’s then-fiancée into their battle a day after he dropped his Daytona album in May.

“In rap, rappers feel like they have to engage – I feel like it was a lot of legitimate factors he left out the situation. Pusha-T just dropped an album. He dropped a diss record the next day and mentioned his wife. He could have not did a record and straight up punched Drake in the face when he seen him because that’s a violation. Once you bring somebody family [into the battle], you don’t know how Pusha-T, he just got married, you don’t know how his wife feel. You threw her in the battle and then you’re asking him to follow a guideline. That’s off the question. Then something else you’re asking him is to not follow tradition. Pusha-T is not a new rapper, he’s been around for a while. There’s no rules in this. He’s heard it all when he’s heard beef. He’s heard it all. And then Drake, you’re the biggest guy in the game, just chill. There’s nothing wrong with that. It shouldn’t have been a battle. I like Drake’s music, I think he’s a star. I put him up there with Kanye, Puff, he’s a star. But I think we’re beginning to forget a lot of rules in this culture with the stars and we start switching them around – I don’t got nothing against Drake but how does a guy say what’s the rules in a rap battle who had a ghostwriter before? That’s not fair, dog. You’re letting a dude who had a ghostwriter say what we can do in the dirt. Nah dog, you gotta stay up there. And you’re beautiful up there. But don’t come down here. You can’t change the rules.” (Hot 97)

Dave East co-signed Styles’ stance and said there are no rules in lyrical warfare.

“Everybody that beefed – every rapper before that particular battle that beefed, it was violations. It was, ‘I can’t say this.’ Once you let loose on somebody, it is what it is. It’s like going to war and saying no guns, we can only use fists. It’s war. Whatever I come with, I got a grenade, I got a slingshot, whatever I gotta come with, it is what it is.” (Hot 97)

A few days ago, Drake explained his motivation behind not releasing a career-ending diss song aimed at Kanye West and Pusha-T.

“I got home and I just listened back to it, and I was like, man, this is not something I ever wanna be remembered for,” he said. “This is not even a place that I necessarily want to go. And to all the people who enjoy that, I tip my hat to you. By the way, hell of a chess move. The song, I thought it was trash. But the chess move was genius. Back against the wall. I either go all the way filthy or I fall back and I have this sort of chink in my armor for the rest of time to a rap purist. Which is fine, I can live with that. I would much rather live with that than the things that I was about to… the research I did, the things that I was gonna say, and the places that I was gonna go. Not only for him, but the other guy too.” (“The Shop”)

Back in June, Rap-A-Lot Records boss J Prince said Drake had a career-ending Kanye song.

The Rap-A-Lot Records CEO tells us Drake was, in fact, ready to respond to Pusha’s “The Story of Adidon” before J Prince stepped in and told him to stand down. According to Prince, what Drake had “cocked and loaded” would’ve “ended” Kanye, and caused a lot of pain. He insists they’re not in the business of destroying families … which is why he told Drizzy to stand down. (TMZ)

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