Still Doe – “Elevator Music For Different Dimensions” (Album Review)

The Bay Area carries a signature sound that is displayed in every artist that comes out of the northern region of California. The sound is original, unheard of, extremely creative and always outrageous. The home of Mac Dre, E-40, and the newest addition to greatness, Still Doe with his new album, titled, Elevator Music For Different Dimensions.

The 13-track album embodies the essence of the Yay Area. Exploring memorable landmarks, remember unforgettable moments in history and unveiling unknown facts from the soil. Naturally, Still Doe attracts Hip Hop fans with colorful play on words, lingo and live instrument-driven production. Is Still Doe’s new effort something you will come up to or immediately get off.

Stream Elevator Music For Different Dimensions below.

Arguably, the album’s lyricism earned validation due to its undeniable wit, creativity and originality. Weird to some but its clear that Still Doe is a representation of his region and creates for his the pleasure of his region. It is overloaded with flavor, something that isn’t unheard of coming from that region. Heard on album standouts like “Stoned Fingers” and “B.A.R.T,” Still Doe’s word is mesmerizing.

Unnatural production from beginning-to-end. The album’s chemistry is organic and will slowly infect listeners with unique elements that will unlock creativity in others.

An acquired taste, Still Doe’s regional sound will likely fly over others head but for those familiar with the sound will enjoy Elevator Music For Different Dimensions whole-heartedly. Its a vibe but if given a moment, fans will be intrigued by Still Doe’s delivery and be left satisfied. Different but overall, a fantastic voyage.

Ratings: 7/10

Highlight: Lyricism


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