Sorry, Not Sorry: 9 Things We Learned from Kevin Hart on The Breakfast Club

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For the last few years, Kevin Hart’s been seen as the hardest working man in show business. Wile he’s been enjoying life-changing success, recently he’s been going through drama thanks to old tweets and social media posts.

Today (Jan. 14), the actor and comedian swung through The Breakfast Club where he addressed the “scandals” that have been following him for the past few weeks and why it doesn’t really phase him.

Sitting down with your favorite morning trio, Kevin Hart explains why he doesn’t talk about why he doesn’t talk about his decision to not host The Oscars, the reason behind his decision to make serious movies, and his reaction to Surviving R. Kelly.

Here are the 9 things we learned from Kevin Hart on The Breakfast Club.


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1. Spreading Love

Kevin Hart gifted his entire team old school new cars after they finished up the tour. He picked their brains for months as to which kind of cars they were into so he knew which whip to bless his mans and em with. If only we all had a Kevin Hart on our team.

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