Sky & Ceaser Of ‘Black Ink Crew’ Sued For Allegedly Turning Rental Home Into Sex Pad

Sky Days - Black Ink Crew

Source: Nagina Lane / iOne Digital

Sky and Ceasar of Black Ink Crew are embroiled in a legal battle over allegedly turning their down south rental home into a wild sex pad. According to the home’s landlord, Sky violated terms of her lease agreement by having Ceasar in the home and for filming scenes there as well.

TMZ reports:

Hussein Abdelhadi is suing Jakeita Days — aka “Sky” and manager of the Atlanta tattoo shop featured on the show — along with Ceaser Emanuel — who owns the joint — claiming Sky broke her lease by filming scenes at the ATL crib.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Abdelhadi claims his lease specifically says his rental house is for residential purposes only. He also says Sky was the only one allowed to stay there under the terms of the lease and screwed up letting Emanuel also live there.

What’s got Abdelhadi even more pissed off is Sky essentially allowed Emanuel to use the crib as a motel to not only stay there but also bang chicks. Abdelhadi says he’s haunted “by images of the property being used as a house of ill repute” after the show aired.

The homeowner said he intended to move back into the home with his family but says that the alleged happenings in the home have made living there an unfit choice. The homeowner also named Viacom in his lawsuit.

Photo: Nagina Lane/iOne Digital

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