Russell Westbrook Offers MAGA Jazz Fan The Hands, Twitter Rides With The Brodie #RussellWestbrook

Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz

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Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Russell Westbrook has the reputation of being an intense player and that passion was on display Monday night (March 11). During his team’s visit to the Utah Jazz’s home court, Westbrook got into it with a fan who he claims used racist taunts which prompted him to threaten the man and his wife with the hands.

As reported by, the fan allegedly said something to Westbrook to the effect of “get down on your knees like you used to” which certainly are fighting words. The All-Star responded with the fire as expected.

“I promise you. You think I’m playing? I swear to god. I swear to god. I’ll f*ck you up. You and your wife, I’ll f*ck you up. Nah, f*ck that! Nah, f*ck that! I promise you. On everything I love. Everything I love, I promise you. I swear to god,” Westbrook was heard saying.

After the game, Westbrook addressed the matter and said that if he to do it all over again, he would.


“For me, I’m just not going to continue to take disrespect for my family,” said Westbrook after the game, per ESPN’s Tim MacMahon. “I just think there’s got to be something done. There’s got to be some consequences for those type of people that come to the game just to say and do whatever they want to say. I don’t think it’s fair to the players — not just to me, but I don’t think it’s fair to the players.

“And if I had to do it again, I would say the same exact thing, because I truly will stand up for myself, for my family, for my kids, for my wife, for my mom, for my dad every single time. I expect anybody else to do the same. So that’s kind of where I’m at with the whole situation. As for beating up his wife, I have never put my hand on a woman; I never will. Never been in any domestic violence before. Never have before, but once he said the comment, his wife repeated the same thing to me as well. So that’s kind of how that started.


Twitter had plenty to say about the exchange and we caught the reactions below.

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