Rapper Black Ty aka Tyrese Settles American Express Lawsuit

Tyrese is steadily steering himself out of the financial struggle zone, allegedly. The R&B crooner, and the occasional rapper recently settled a lawsuit with American Express. 

AmEx had sued the artist also known as Black Ty for a $61,000 unpaid bill.

The Blast reports that the company filed paperwork last week noting that both parties had agreed to a settlement. Reportedly, the deal involved Tyrese making installment payments, which is how most people pay back their credit cards.

Sounds like Tyrese had the card you gotta pay back monthly, and well, that clearly didn’t happen. The specific details of the settlement are unknown.

Back in August, Tyrese claimed he was too broke to pay his ex-wife’s lawyer fees.

Tyrese’s credit score must be terrible, though. No shots.

Photo: WENN

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