R. Kelly Reportedly Denies Sleeping With Aaliyah’s Mother

R. Kelly is currently facing 10 counts of sexual abuse and the allegations continue to mount even outside of the courtroom.

Lisa Van Allen, who was allegedly one of the singer’s ex-girlfriends and spoke out on the Surviving R. Kelly documentary, says he confided in her and revealed that he had a sexual relationship with Aaliyah’s mother, Diane Haughton, as well. TMZ reports that Kells denies these claims and Lisa is simply trying to drag his name.

“He actually stayed at their home in Detroit and her mother actually was sexually attracted to him as well,” Van Allen said during an interview with Vlad TV. “And he said when Aaliyah went to sleep, he would go in the living room and him and her would do sexual acts on the couch while Aaliyah was sleeping in the bedroom.”

The Pied Piper is due back in court on March 22nd for the next hearing in his sexual abuse case.

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