Q&A With Los Angeles, CA Based Hip Hop/RnB Duo The Committee Sounds

Where you guys from? How long have you been making music?

We are from Inglewood CA and have been making music for 7 years.

As a duo, how did you guys connect to make music together?

We first established The Committee Sounds after our previous group disbanded “TiMG”. B. Will and Sean Swift who form The Committee Sounds met in High School and have been friends ever since.

As a Hip Hop & RnB collective, how are you guys separating yourself from the typical rap duo?

We fuse our singing and rhyming with Soul and Jazz to make picturesque music.

We notice your new release “Greetings”, break down the meaning to the breathtaking song and visual?

The song, “Greetings” is about knowing that spending time with people you love and care for is truly important in life, no matter what troubling circumstance we go through. We found images online that we felt captured Los Angeles in ways most people don’t realize. When people think of LA/Hollywood the only think of the celebrities, glitz and glamour.

Any new music?

We are currently finishing up our EP set to be released this year.

Events coming soon?

We are performing at The Happiness Of Pursuit Festival on October 6th in Ontario, California

Where can people find your music?

You can find new music on our Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes page. You can also find music through our website at thecommitteesounds.com

We always post new events on our
website https://thecommitteesounds.com
instagram @thecommitteesounds https://instagram.com/thecommitteesounds
Twitter https://twitter.com/CommitteeSounds
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp8_g6LWShSHc6gQ4XwpMYg

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