Post Malone Reveals Crazy Details About Plane Emergency Landing

Post Malone sat down with Billboard and he recalled the morning that his private plane had to make an emergency landing in late August. “I’m terrified of flying in the first place, so every time I get on a flight, I always try my best to fall asleep. But this one…I wasn’t tired. There was a censor malfunction up front, so we had to turn around and land again,” Post remembers.

White Iverson says he heard a “big a** pop” the second time the plane took off, referencing the two tires that blew out while the aircraft left Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. Malone says that when “s–t started coming in from underneath the table.” At that point he was freaking out and to make matters worse, they were stuck circling for hours because the plane had too much fuel to make a safe emergency landing.

Post was resigned to the fact that if something bad were to happen, he wanted to get it over with. “You know, you figured if something is gonna happen, just get it over with, like a Band-Aid or something,” he said. “But just the fucking anxiety of like, ‘This is fucked.’ That was the worst part.”

At a point in the interview, Post Malone also reveals that a wing on the plane “kinda blew in half” while he was in the air.

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