Nipsey Hussle Confirms Joint Album With Meek Mill, Meek Cosigns

Nipsey Hussle is without a doubt in the midst of his prime time. Taking a break from his mixtape era, he finally released his debut album Victory Lap, which received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album earlier this year. In a new interview, Hussle confirmed the coming of a joint album with Meek Mill, a highly anticipated work for hip-hop heads.

On Friday (Mar. 8), the Compton rapper sat down with Los Angeles station REAL 92.3 and revealed the making of the album with the Philly MC and slated this summer as its anticipated release.

“We’ve been cutting ideas and just getting in. We got a couple records that’s going to go off for the summer. It’s not hard at all we just got to lock in and get the records done,” he said. “We working right now as we speak. We on album time right now. Next thing we going to put out musically is an album.”

Hussle spoke on his tactic of reaching out and supporting fellow young LA rappers, mentioning his humble beginnings going on tour and opening up for the Game as a starter. “I got embraced when I came out. Game said my name on the radio and took me on tour with him,” said Hussle. He continued, “When I see young artists just putting their best foot forward, good music, representing the good part of the city, real section, its only right.”

Meek Mill cosigned the project by taking to Twitter and retweeting an article with several eyeball emojis, hinting his excitement.

Hussle also touched base on his observation of Meek Mill’s growth, deeming the Championships artist’s ways and actions as “Wisdom.”

Wisdom. You be in the game for a while and you learn this shit and you figure out what works for you,” said Hussle. “I just think Meek’s elevated. He applied the game he got from being in the game for a while.


The joint project does not have an estimated amount of tracks yet, but it is obvious the two are striving for a summertime banger. He does not sound regretful about his near signage to MMG falling short, but highly optimistic about his coming project will Mill. Watch Nipsey Hussle’s interview with REAL 92.3, below.

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