Nicki Minaj Says Rah Ali Put Speedknot Fade On Cardi B, Offering $100K For Video

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Nicki Minaj was here for the mess today as evidenced by Tuesday’s (Oct. 29) airing of Queen Radio. During the show, the Queens rapper said that Rah Ali cleaned Cardi B’s clocked and not security as its been widely reported, then offered $100,000 to anyone with the video footage to boot.

The beef between the ladies seems to be very much still sizzling, and Minaj wasted no time in proving she was with the sh*ts during the Queens Radio broadcast. Speaking directly to the shoe-throwing incident at Harper’s Bazaar that led to the scuffle at New York Fashion Week, Minaj said it was indeed Rah Ali who administered the fade

Rah really, really beat Cardi’s ass bad,” Nicki shared. “I’m not trying to be messy. You went home and told people that security hit you, and we let that lie continue because of legal reasons.”

Nicki continued with, “I told Rah ‘don’t tell anyone you hit her because I don’t want nobody trying to sue me’ ’cause they gonna come to the person with money. Instead, you [Cardi B] went home and told your…I guess you had to look like a gangster in front of your friends, and your family, I get it. Rah beat you so bad that I was mad at Rah.”

Minaj then says there is video footage of the fade and she offered the stacks to anyone who is down to provide it to her. We don’t know who to believe but the chatter on Twitter is heated as expected and we shared what we could find online below.

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