Music Exec Calls Out MC Serch W/ Explosive Tweets

MC Serch

Music executive Dan Herman is on a Kanye West-esque rant right now. The hip-hop veteran has relied on social media for the last 48 hours to rip rap game pioneer MC Serch with a slew of accusations.

Since the weekend, Dan has flooded his Twitter feed with Serch disses claiming everything from him being a snitch to stealing money with a kickstarter campaign.

According to reports, Herman has also leaked private messages and e-mails connected to Serch.

Dan Herman has become an advocate for The Circle Foundation and he is working with them to do a Mac Miller tribute album. Herman says he reached out to MC Serch, who only gave him the runaround, prompting Herman to do research on him, now accusing the man of only using his Kickstarter campaign to pay his rent. In addition to this, Dan Herman is taunting MC Serch on Twitter, leaking emails and text messages, in hopes of exposing Serch. (HHV)

Herman is most known for launching his Chinga Chang Records nearly 20 years ago and having close-knit hip-hop relationships.

Chinga Chang Records is a Philadelphia-based independent hip hop label. Founded by CEO Dan Herman in 2003, Chinga Chang has released music by artists including Kool G Rap and Lil Scrappy, including the Kool G Rap album Half a Klip in 2007.[1] The label has also released two mixtapes, which include previously unreleased music by artists such as KRS-One, Ras Kass, Big Pun, and Sean Price. (Wikipedia)

Recently, MC Serch talked about working with Nas on his classic Illmatic album.

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