Migos Hit with Lawsuit Over ‘Walk It Talk It’ Single

Migos are working hard with preparing solo efforts and are already looking ahead to the top of the year for Culture III, however, they have some new legal problems at hand. TMZ reports the hitmakers are being sued over their single “Walk It Talk It,” stating it was ripped from a song created by rapper M.O.S. that was released a decade ago on a DJ Folk-hosted mixtape.

M.O.S., whose legal name is Leander C. Pickett, states the Migos song is so close to the original it could be considered a complete rip-off. M.O.S. states that he recorded a song titled “Walk It Like I Talk” and pushed it out on a mixtape. He also cites that he originally noticed the copycat version as soon as it was released, drawn to the single by its similar title.

An interesting wrinkle in the details is M.O.S. did not copyright the single until March of 2018, two months after Migos version was available to the music public. Pickett is aiming for compensation for the song, along with the prevention of being ripped off by Migos again with the help of the presiding judge.

Updates on this lawsuit as they become available.

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