Meek Mill Writes Open Letter To His Teenage Self: “In 2018, Black Lives Won’t Matter Much More Than They Do In 2006”

Meek Mill

Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill is getting extra personal in a new XXL cover feature. The Dreamchasers boss pens an open message to a 19-year-old version of himself.

On Wednesday, Meek Milly’s emotionally-driven message went viral and features him dishing on everything from taking over the rap game to having his mom’s back.

“My question to you, Meek, is: Are you willing to travel those rocky roads towards your throne? Most importantly: Are you sure you want this responsibility?” he writes. “Like our old heads used to say, ‘Heavy is the head that wears the crown.’ It’s free to dream but nothing is more expensive than achieving them. I repeat: Nothing is more expensive than achieving your dreams. Trust, you will get yours. You will set the rap game on fire. What if I told you that you will record with Mariah Carey? Or that you’ll buy a Ferrari after coppin’ the Rolls-Royce? That fly sh*t is cool but you wanna know what tops it all? Mom never having to worry about money again because you believed in yourself. The countless times she risked it all to feed you and Nasheema won’t be in vain. But I can’t stress enough how much it costs to be a young leader. Costs even more to be a young Black leader.” (XXL Mag)

In the same fall 2018 letter, the 31-year-old also references the current struggles blacks still face today.

“I’ll be honest—same as African-Americans in this country—things are about to get both easier and more difficult for you,” Meek continues. “Over the next decade, you and your people will make major moves—you, professionally and Black people, politically. We’ll all begin to realize that our culture is our most valuable product. Unfortunately, on the streets, not much will change. In 2018, Black lives won’t matter much more than they do in 2006. You saw what happened last year with Hurricane Katrina. You saw how the administration didn’t care whether we drowned or ended up homeless. We could have a Black president and they’d still disrespect them like they were just another n*gga. And just like it will cost you to claim your power, the same goes for our race. For upping our stock in this country, we will pay like a muthaf*cka.” (XXL Mag)

Outside of the letter, Meek and rap diva Cardi B have a low-key record together.

Sources tell TMZ Cardi recently stepped into the studio with none other than Meek Mill to lay down some material that’ll be used in a forthcoming song. We’re told they cranked out hooks and verses — all of which is fair game for a final product that’s yet to be released. While we’re told the collab happened a few months ago, the timing is nothing short of less-than-perfect for Nicki … who’s in the middle of a good ol’ fashioned beef with Cardi. (TMZ)

Recently, buzz developed about Meek most likely dropping a new album this fall.

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