Machine Gun Kelly’s Team Wanted By Atlanta Cops

Machine Gun Kelly

Ohio rapper Machine Gun Kelly‘s entourage might want to stay away from Atlanta for a long, long, long time. New reports claim MGK’s camp has active warrants out for their arrest.

According to reports, ATL cops are on the prowl for Machine Gun Kelly’s crew weeks after a physical altercation went down with actor Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez.

Sources close to the case tell TMZ … Atlanta PD has ID’d at least 3 individuals involved in the brutal beatdown of actor Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez, and they’ve each been charged with misdemeanor battery. We’re told at least 2 of the crew members live outside the state, and Atlanta PD won’t spend resources to extradite the suspects … because they’re only charged with misdemeanors. (TMZ)

Back in mid-September, buzz developed about G-Rod rolling up on MGK in defense of the rapper’s rival Eminem.

In the video, obtained by TMZ, you see G-Rod point at MGK and say, “I’m gonna say it because it has to be said, you’re a p*ssy for going for family!” G-Rod tells us he was especially upset because he’s a husband and father of 3 kids. In the video, MGK appears to shove G-Rod and turn the phone away. The video stops there, but G-Rod says that’s when 5 of MGK’s bodyguards swooped in and, as he puts it, MGK suddenly got tough and started challenging him. G-Rod claims Kelly shoved him. He says the bar manager immediately sided with the celebrity … and kicked out G-Rod. (TMZ)

A few hours later, G-Rod and MGK’s bodyguards allegedly faced off outside of an Atlanta hotel.

G-Rod says he went into the hotel lobby and MGK continued jawing at him … with all his bodyguards standing around him. G-Rod, who’s a pretty big dude, says he told them he’d fight each of them — one at a time — if they wanted a fight. Instead, he says the bodyguards all jumped him at once. (TMZ)

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