LeBron James’ ‘Space Jam 2’ May Feature Michael Jordan Cameo

The Hollywood Reporter recently reported that Ryan Coogler will deliver a follow-up to Michael Jordan’s Space Jam, with LeBron James leading the pack this time around. “[Ryan] gave this generation’s kids something I didn’t have when I was a kid,” James said in the Sept. 19 issue. “And that’s a superhero movie with an African-American cast.”

LBJ compared his role to a superhero role for a franchise. “I always wanted to be a superhero. Batman was my favorite. But I knew I could never be Bruce Wayne,” the Los Angeles Lakers forward explained. “You’ve got to understand, for me that was in no way possible; I never felt like I could be the president of a multibillion-dollar company.”

At the point when Warner Bros. greenlit the idea in 2016, Justin Lin was connected to write and direct; at the time, Michael Jordan proposed Blake Griffin, another well known NBA player, should star in the motion picture.

But it was LeBron James that got the movie off the ground.

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