Kodak Black Plans To Build A School In Haiti

Kodak dives in philanthropy.

Kodak Black has embraced his new life. The Florida native has moved to the California suburbs and he has left his project roots in the past. To add on to his new persona, the “Roll In Peace” rapper recently announced how he plans to give back to Haiti. Kodak’s roots are from Haiti. According to the rapper, he still has family in the country. Therefore, it is only right he begins his philanthropic work there. Building a school is first on his list.

“I got my grandma a mansion in Haiti,” he said. “Out of All; The Times I Donate Or Give Back IN Any way I Never Upload Or Broadcast It But I’m Happy To Say I’m Building A School In Haiti As Well.”

We love to see this 360 degree turn around from Kodak Black following his release from prison. As Haiti continues to rebuild its country, it is great to have an asset like from the Atlantic artist. He is most certainly displaying the mindset of a new person. Last week he debuted the music video for Gucci Mane’s “Wake Up In The Sky,” featuring himself and Bruno Mars. Peep the video below if you have not already.

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