Khloe Kardashians ‘We Do Not See Color’ Comment Receives Backlash

Khloe Kardashian doesn’t have time for social media  trolls, particularly those coming after her girl, True Thompson.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to Twitter on Thursday to vent about a troll who deleted their racist remark after she responded.

“I dislike the fact that people are allowed to comment on my daughter’s skin color but as soon as I comment kindly back and praise her for all that she is, the comment gets erased,” she tweeted. “If you have the courage to post your nasty criticism, please allow one to defend or comment back.”

While the Good American head recognized “everybody is entitled for their [opinions],” she additionally indicated out that she’s entitled hers, also. She likewise disclosed she endeavored to originate from a position of sympathy instead of a position of detest.

“I truly love educating others and hopefully opening up their minds to a beautiful collective world,” she continued. “But some people are not willing to except anything else then what they know.”

“I try to put myself in their shoes & maybe they were brought up in a different type of household then I was,” Khloe Kardashian added. “So instead of shaming I try to educate. In our household, we do not see color. We see emotion and action. We see love. We feed off of energy.”

Nonetheless, the previously mentioned remark prodded a touch of a mayhem.

The reality star admitted she also felt “really annoyed” because she replied “so calmly and eloquently” when she would normally be “rash and f–king aggressive.” Still, she acknowledged not everyone shares the same beliefs and that “it takes time for us to understand and to be that calm and compassionate.”

“We all, as humans, needs to grow and evolve,” she wrote. “Life lessons teach us that. I’m proud of us.”

The Twitter binge came only a couple of hours after the glad parent posted a photo of her little beloved newborn getting a charge out of some enjoyment in the sun.

“That is to say, she’s simply so charming and stout,” she wrote in the remarks area.

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