Kevin Durant Reveals the Purpose of His Burner Accounts on ‘The Boardroom’

Golden State Warriors star forward Kevin Durant leaves all effort on the court but has recently let fans into his mind with his new series The Boardroom available on ESPN+.

Always a constant point of basketball conversation on social media, Kevin Durant details his own experiences on social media apps, specifically addressing his burner account controversy. The moment was sparked by episode three’s guest and former college hoops star Jay Williams, who was curious to why it happened.

“I wasn’t used to that amount of attention, you know, from playing basketball,” Durant revealed. “I wanted a place where I can talk to my friends without anybody just butting in my conversations, or mixing my words, or taking everything out of context, because I enjoyed that place.”

Also in the episode, Durant and Williams are joined by Breanna Stewart, CJ McCollum, Jack Dorsey, and Ronnie 2k. The following episode brings in Will Ahmed, the legendary Steve Nash, and Finals MVP Andre Iguodala to the Boardroom to discuss player development.

You can catch the new episodes of The Boardroom with Kevin Durant here.

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