Kanye West and Nick Cannon Have Settled Their Differences

Kanye West and Nick Cannon have squashed their issues after going at each other on social media over Ye’s wife, Kim Kardashian-West.

Sources tell us that Yeezy and Nick settled their differences this weekend after Nick responded to Ye on Instagram, by saying to stop attempting to censor what he can or can’t say on interviews. We’re informed that they exchanged numbers via IG DMs … and talked things out in a long conversation.

They spoke about why each of them felt disrespected. Kanye was not happy about what Cannon had said to VladTV regarding Kim’s body. Nick was bothered that Kanye was getting at him on social media for being blunt and honest.

They both agreed to be more mindful of each other from now on and to continue their friendship.

We can even possibly expect a potential appearance that is the outcome of all of this too. Sources say Nick and Kanye West talked about Ye coming back onto ‘Wild ‘N Out.’

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