Jemele Hill Says Florida Officials Told Her She Couldn’t Vote in the State Over a Tweet

When it comes to politics, no other state gets think wrong more often than Florida. Former outspoken ESPN anchor Jemele Hill claimed Florida voting officials removed her name from state registration rolls because of a tweet supporting Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

Hill wrote Tuesday in The Atlantic that Florida election officials removed her from the state’s voter rolls because she tweeted she had moved to Los Angeles. Hill, who owns a home in Florida and is registered to vote there, flew back to the state from California on Oct. 21 in order to vote for Democratic gubernatorial candidate  Gillum in the 2018 midterm elections, as she revealed on social media.

“When I showed up at the polling site near my house, I had been kicked off the registered-voter roll,” Hill explained in the article. “A flurry of phone calls, and lots of head-nodding and “mmm-hmm”s from the supervisor of the polling site, failed to produce an explanation of why the system wasn’t showing me as a registered voter.”

What Hill and election officials later concluded is a tweet mentioning her support for the Tallahassee mayor is what got her booted from the record books. Clearly, the tweet apparently drove Trump supporters to report Hill for voter fraud, causing her to be wiped from the system.

We live in a political climate where the president can tweet whatever he wants with no repercussions, but a journalist is held to a higher standard?


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