J.I.D. Shares Tracklist For ‘DiCaprio 2’ Album

Dreamville artist, J.I.D. shares his tracklist for his album, DiCaprio 2, in which is scheduled to drop Friday, November 26. ChaseTheMoney, J. Cole, Wondagurl and Mac Miller contributed as producers for the 14-track album.

J.I.D. was scheduled to go on tour with the late great Mac Miller before his death. By performing at, A Celebration of Life, he talked about the production of the upcoming project.

You notice that there are some blurred featured artists on the track list. Hopefully, announces those soon before the project releases, but for now, peep the tracklist along with production credit below.

1. “Frequency Change” (Produced by Christo)
2. “SlickTalk” (Produced by EWonder and Kenny Beats)
3. “Westbrook” (Produced by Christo)
4. “OffDeez” (Produced by ChasetheMoney)
5. “151 Rum” (Produced by Christo and Nice Rec)
6. “OFFdaZoinkys” (Produced by Christo)
7. “WorkingOut” (Produced by 2thirty5)
8. “Tiiied” (Produced by Elite and Ron Gilmore)
9. “Skrawberries” (Produced by J. Cole, Mac Miller, Masego and Ron Gilmore)
10. “Hotbox” (Produced by Skye Hutch and Zorro)
11. “MountedUp” (Produced by Hollywood JB and Christo)
12. “JusttheOther” (Produced by Bobby Kritical)
13. “DespacitoToo” (Produced by Frankie P)
14. “Hasta Luego” (Produced by Wondagurl and CuBeatz)


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🥁🎷🎺🎸🎼nov26 #dicaprio2 Production on #Dicaprio2 nov26 1. Frequency Change – Christo @tischristo 2. SlickTalk – EWonder, Kenny Beats @kennybeats 3. Westbrook – Christo @tischristo 4. OffDeez – ChasetheMoney @chasethemoneychasethemoney 5. 151rum – Christo @tischristo , Nice Rec @nicerecordwork 6. OFFdaZoinkys- Christo @tischristo 7. WorkingOut – 2thirty5 @2.thirty.5 8. Tiiied – Elite @elitethatsme Ron Gilmore 9. Skrawberries – JCole, Mac Miller, Masego, Ron Gilmore @masego 10. Hotbox – Skye Hutch @SkyheHutch & Zorro @prodZorro 11. MountedUp – Hollywood JB @swingmanjb , Christo @tischristo 12. JusttheOther – Bobby Kritical @bobbykritical 13. DespacitoToo – Frankie P. @uptownfrankiep 14. Hasta Luego – Wondagurl @wondagurl + CuBeatz @cubeatz

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