Funk Faking Beckies Pretending To Be Black Get Called Out On Twitter

On the set of The Jazz Singer

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Just as we’ve had to remind our white brothers and sisters that Blackface is never okay in recent weeks, once again Black Twitter is giving lessons to that side of the map about appropriating the culture. A Twitter user who once got into it with Nicki Minaj fans used her vast platform to call out a disturbing trend of, in her words, white women “cosplaying” as Black women.

Writer @Wannas world opened up the discussion earlier this week with the tweet below:

From there, several examples of white women putting on a classier and less abrasive form of Blackface on for the masses. Other Twitter users chimed in with their disdain as well, and the unsavory practice has been dubbed “n*ggerfishing” on the social media network.

And now, a solid word from the great Vince Staples.

We’ve collected some of the responses to this rising and truly unfortunate epidemic as @WannasWorld calls it. Check them out below.

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