Foxy Brown Denies Being a New York Fashion Week Scammer

Foxy Brown

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Foxy Brown swears she’s not a scammer. The Brooklyn rapper took to Instagram to vehemently deny that she was messy and flaked on a New York Fashion Week party performance. 

As we previously reported, Fox Boogie allegedly took the money and ran from a NYFW party she was supposed to perform at, but didn’t. The party in question was for designer LaQuan Smith, who put Foxy on blast and threatened legal repercussions.

Also worth noting, Foxy’s PR rep, Lizzie Grubman, quit after the incident.

But yesterday (Sept. 21), Foxy dropped a post on Instagram basically denying everything.

“I’m appalled even addressing this fictitious, “FASHION WEEK FAIRYTALE” you’ve concocted to the media!,” read one of her posts (she @’d LaQuan Smith). “As our upper echelon, BLACK SUPER HERO OF FASHION, I’m embarrassed for YOU. knowing, after literally begging us to perform; (you’d deliberately orchestrate erroneous bullshit), in a scandalous attempt to bring discord into MY INCREDIBLE COMEBACK!”

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Incredible comeback? Anyway, she also confirmed that she was indeed given two left boots to wear, for which Smith’s team allegedly apologized. Foxy claims she waited three hours for the proper shoe, but still arrived on time with mic in hand to perform.

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Foxy also mentions that the check she allegedly pilfered was cancelled.

So, doesn’t that mean that she tried to cash that check? Just saying.


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