FIFA 19 On Playstation 4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch: “The Best Franchise In EA Is Back”


Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the SOHH and getFRUSH community, the best franchise in EA is back (yeah I said it). FIFA 19 is upon us. Don’t get me wrong, Madden is fun, but FIFA has consistently put out greatness regardless if you like soccer or not.

Not only do you get to take your favorite team to the UEFA Championship, you also get to again build your dream team in Club Creator mode. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here are five reasons you should buy FIFA 19 for your Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

1. Alex Hunter Story

Remember Alex Hunter, Danny Williams and Kim Hunter? I hope so, because their story mode has been great in the previous games. And now, it’s coming to a conclusion. Play through their stories and help guide them to the glory they deserve at the highest level. Along the way you are presented with tough decisions, game challenges, and other scenarios which put you in the position of a professional soccer player. How will the story end? Pick up the sticks and find out.

2. Club Creator

You think you can build a championship caliber team from the ground up? We all talk the talk but how many of you actually can manage personalities, finances, and a demanding fan base? Well, this is your chance. You think NFL fans are tough, you don’t know soccer fans and their passion for their team. Give this new game mode a shot as you start from the bottom and have to grind your way through a season handling all aspects of the team from the manager to maybe a disgruntled player.

3. New Shooting System

The shooting system has added a MAJOR wrinkle this time around. Once easy to control, is no longer the case. Skill is definitely involved when it comes to shots on target. Not only do you have to be accurate but timing is EVERYTHING! If your timing is off you can go ahead and embarrass yourself, the announcers will call you out on it too. The volley system has significantly upgraded as well. But, don’t worry the training environment has changed enough to help guide you through the changes. So, if you need time to adjust, you get ample time to do so. It’s a great adjustment to a game which was already great.

4. Career Mode

Much like the other titles in the sports genre, the most popular is the career mode. And this one is no different. From playing as Alex Hunter and his story, to creating your own manager/player, you can lead some of the greatest teams in the world to glory. You think you could lead another team to a 100 point season like Manchester City did last year? Or have your player be the youngest to ever win the World Cup? Here’s you chance to prove your player belongs on the same pitch as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.

5. More Control/Creativity

Something which was lacking from previous editions of FIFA was the ability to get creative with your player and how he/she handled the ball. Now, comes something similar to NBA Live’s freestyle stick. Fake out the entire defense with your own unique ‘handle’ on the soccer ball. Can you impress your national team enough to get selected? Or will you end up like Leroy Sane with all the talent but something was missing to be left of the team. Show off your best moves and make sure to post them online so the FIFA world can take notice.

With the finish of the World Cup and the start of the soccer seasons around the world, it’s time to get excited for FIFA 19. I stand by my statement it’s the BEST franchise in EA. Much how we feel about NBA 2K and Madden, is how the entire world feels about FIFA. Anyone and everyone can get in on the fun, I’ll see you all on the pitch/sticks.

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