Famous Miami Strip Club King Of Diamonds Has Been Evicted

Remember when Money Mayweather came through and dropped $100K in KOD? What about Beiber’s $75K?
As one of the most famous strip clubs in the country, Miami’s King Of Diamonds is known for it’s landmark location off of Highway I-95 and the place where the now famous Blac Chyna once shook her moneymaker. On November 1, the club was set for eviction after being sued for foreclosure in August.

Court documents obtained by the Miami New Times show that on October 18, King of Diamonds was ordered to pay its court-appointed receiver a total of $305,000 plus $85,000 the first of every month thereafter.

On November 1, the receiver, Kenneth A. Welt, said in court filings that he hadn’t been paid. Welt asked the court to evict the tenants.

This week, Welt’s lawyer, Glenn Moses, accompanied Miami-Dade police officers to permanently lock the doors of one of the most famous strip clubs and Hip Hop venues in America.

A Miami-Dade court named Welt the property’s bankruptcy receiver in June 2018. Welt then learned the club had been operating with potentially life-threatening code violations, including malfunctioning fire sprinklers. Miami-Dade County closed the building October 5 because of safety violations.

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