Famous Dex Accused of Pulling Gun Out on Concertgoers

Famous Dex performed at UCI’s annual Shocktoberfest last night at a concert headlined by YG, but his set ended abruptly after he crowd surfed and school organizers pulled the plug. “University police on site declared it was a dangerous situation,” UC-Irvine spokesman Tom Vasich told the Los Angeles Times, “so they turned on the lights and canceled the rest of the show.”

After the chaos seemed to be clear, concertgoers surrounded the Chicago rapper’s car and he ordered them to get back. After no one listen, you see Dex lean out wielding what appears to be a gun.

Campus police were told about the incident and notified the public via a Twitter post. “Male 25 yr 5’11 seen inside wht veh poss plate# 8BBT053 with a gun at pereira & w peltason, call 911 if veh seen,” they tweeted.

Around an hour later, they gave the all-clear announcement. “Campus all clear, vehicle believed to have left the area,” the next tweet read. Dex has yet to address the incident on social media.

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