Drake and Jorja Smith’s Single ‘I Could Never’ Leaks Online

Drake and Jorja Smith create more magic together. Both artists collaborated on Drake’s remake of Black Coffee’s cookout classic, “Superman.” Since the release of “Get It Together” off his 2017 playlist, More Life, the two artists have yet to release another track together. The connection started back in 2016 when 6ix God said “Where Did I Go?” was his favorite song at the moment. Smith uploaded the song on Soundcloud and was only nineteen-years-old. Any recognition or co-sign from Drizzy is a standout accomplishment in itself.

The following year she was featured on two tracks on More Life, including “Jorja Interlude.” Her fan base has grown since the release of her debut album, Lost & Found. Although the “God’s Plan” was not featured on the April 2018 release, a single featuring the two has surfaced. The new song is called “I Could Never.” Both Drake and Jorja sing on the track to create a late night vibe. “Get It Together” is a much more uptempo vibe, so it is the complete opposite of “I Could Never.”

On the track, Drake sings:

“You’ve told me things
Harsh truth to my face like
Been told to walk away (just know)
I could never
Things that I would choose to do with you if I had time though
Thousand times I fucked you in my mind, trust me I know”

Jorja comes through to compliment Drizzy melancholy like tone.

“Sometimes I ask how you could ever want me
How could you choose that you would ever love me
Yours were the truest eyes I’d ever seen
To be in a stare right back at me”

Drake is recovering after canceling his tour Miami tour dates. Aubrey and The Three Migos touchdown in New Orleans, LA tonight.

Check out the new single below.

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