DMX Reportedly Checked Himself Into Rehab to Avoid Relapsing

We reported yesterday that DMX checked himself back into rehab, but this time it was a precaution to avoid anymore legal troubles.

A source close to the rapper told TMZ the stress of him performing and one of his kids being in-and-out of the hospital has him tempted to use again. He’s aware that he needed help to balance his work and personal life without being under the influence.

Relapsing puts his freedom on the line, and the source reportedly told the tabloid that he wants to continue to support his family, friends and entertain his fans.

DMX is currently on probation and if he fails a drug test, he’s going back to the slammer.

After checking himself back into a rehab facility, the Yonkers rapper had to cancel all upcoming shows to prioritize his sobriety.

The Ruff Ryder has struggled with drug addiction and has been to jail a couple times due to drug-related offenses. He was recently released from prison at the top of the year for tax evasion.

The “How’s It Going Down” rapper was recently photographed for a GQ cover looking well and healthy. We’re hoping that he continues to stay on course to his road to sobriety.

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