Did You Know That Detroit Rapper Big Sean Is Nigerian?

Hip-Hop started in the Bronx.

But the African-American experience that birthed Hip-Hop started far beyond the borough. In fact, it started beyond the city, the state, the south or the country. It started beyond the belly of slave ships that brought over millions of enslaved Africans from the west coast of The Motherland to this hemisphere. The Black American’s experience started in Africa.

Often times, Black people have been conditioned to mock their ancestral identity. For many a school yard student it is a stain that almost invokes teasing and jeering. Think of the trauma caused during grammar school recess when a dark complected child is called “African Booty Scratcher” or “Tar Baby.” So when rapper Big Sean matter-of-factly stated in an interview with Vibe that he is part Nigerian (fast forward to 1:49), we had to stop, take note and give thanks.

This Motown Emcee could have easily moved through the interview and kept that tidbit to himself. He did not. He through it out there as a fact that he wanted folk to know. So Nigeria salute! Stand up and claim one of your own.

Other celebrities that you may not know have Nigerian roots are as follows:


Uzo Aduba

Sade Adu



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