Cardi B Joins Pardison Fontaine on New Single ‘Backin’ It Up’

Pardison Fontaine has been making a name for himself behind the scenes, and now he steps back to the mic.

The Bronx rapper-songwriter, also known as Jordan Thorpe, is a longtime collaborator of Cardi B. The two have worked together throughout the years, and Fontaine contributed to her debut album Invasion of Privacy, including hits “Bodak Yellow” and “Be Careful.”

Pardison, who also wrote for Kanye West’s ye, teams up with Cardi on “Backin’ It Up,” his debut single for Atlantic Records. In the video, Kulture’s mom switches up her look, rocking red, blonde, and black wigs while spitting some tough rhymes.

“I’m the queen of talkin’ shit, then I’m backin’ it up,” she declares.

Cardi also throws in some subliminal shots following her feud with Nicki Minaj. “Why don’t you chill with the beef and get some chicken instead?” she raps. “Got the crown, shut it down / Had it hype up in the Six / Is she dead, let her lay / Won’t bring no life into this bitch.”

The track is the first offering from Pardison’s major label debut EP, due later this year. “It’s more of an introduction,” says Pardison. “I’m catching up fans who have known about me for a long time and introducing myself as an artist to new audiences.”

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