Curvy College Prof Causing Commotion Online Over Her Bodacious Bottom [Photos]

Can you see this passage over here?

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Nerissa Reaves earns her living as a college professor in the day while moonlighting as a model and business owner. While her intellect and strong hustle game should earn plenty of respect, the sultry teacher is also turning heads due to her show-stopping curves.

Reaves owns and operates The Honey Loaf website and Instagram page where she promotes her various ventures while also giving those turning in plenty to look at from top to bottom. Beautiful as she is brainy, Reaves has lashed back at critics who seem to think she isn’t allowed to dress in form-fitting clothes when she’s holding class.

In a recent Instagram post, Reaves hit back at critics who said that she needs to dress properly. Number one, she’s teaching folks over 18 and she isn’t wearing anything revealing. Her curves being what they are, Reaves could wear a smock and fill it out.

You’ll see why we selected her as our latest Baes and Baddies entry, but we must give her props for bossing up on all levels beyond her formidable beauty.

Check out some images and reactions to Nicole Reaves aka The Honey Loaf below.

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