Cam’ron Explains Exactly Why He Doesn’t Share W/ You, You Or You: “Ain’t My Fault My Mother Only Had Me”


New York rapper Cam’ron never has a dull moment when it comes to social media flexing. The hip-hop veteran took a break from running the mighty Dipset to share his thoughts on coming up as an only child.

Killa Cam hopped on Instagram Tuesday (September 18) with some hilarious commentary on dealing with people who have siblings.

“You know what I want to talk about? Only child syndrome. People be like ‘Cam, that’s that only child syndrome,’ because I don’t want to share my motherf*cking cheeseburgers, fries, my weed. Whatever I don’t want to share at the time, ‘You got that only child syndrome.’ So? Ain’t my fault my mother only had me. I don’t know what my father was doing but my mother only had me. You know what you got? You got sibling syndrome. Your mother popped out 22 of you motherf*ckers and you got an attitude with the world because a n*gga don’t wanna share what he got. ‘Oh, that’s that only child syndrome. You know what? I’m used to it anyway because at Christmas time I didn’t get nothing anyway because I was the oldest and I had to give all my gifts to my little sister and my little brothers. So I’m used to not having anything anyway.’ So don’t be shocked when I don’t share with you. F*ck is you talking about? Sibling syndrome motherf*cker.”

Last week, Cam’s mom shared throwback Killa pics including a shot of him hanging out with singer Mariah Carey.

Recently, Dipset’s Jim Jones teased fans with a tracklisting to an upcoming Diplomat project.

A few weeks ago, Dipset’s Juelz Santana released his new “EZ Work” single.

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“EZ Work”… OUT NOW… @cashmoneyap LINK IN BIO 💯✔🔥🙏

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